Trouble-free clamp load control

Trouble-free clamp load control

Sufficient clamp load is the critical parameter for a well-working bolt joint in all industrial environments.

Without the correct clamp load, there are severe risks for dangerous break downs, leaks, and other costly and unsafe failures that could easily result in human injuries. That is why TensionCam is needed. We offer a groundbreaking solution for trouble-free clamp load control.

With our patented system and devices,

we can provide all the data, documentation and information that is currently lacking when it comes to enabling total bolt clamp load control.

Our special bolts and nuts

Our special bolts and nuts are tailormade for our sensor concept. The sensor is connected to the easy-to-use TensionCam app, along with our web portal. This means that you can get in-depth charts and data concerning the clamp load per individual bolt or nut – within seconds! With TensionCam, you also have the possibility of remote support analysis.

We set a new standard

We set a new standard for clamp load control. Before TensionCam, there was no reliable, cost effective or user-friendly way to secure the correct clamp load. With our patented solution, you can easily ensure a safe and economically smart construction – all thanks to total clamp load control.

Take control over your clamp load. Get in touch and we will help you!