How it works

How it works

With the patented TensionCam concept, the clamp load is measured by using a special sensor module, via our Tension­Cam app as a user interface. The module includes a special image sensor that – when docked to a cavity of our special nut or bolt – captures images of a precision machined pattern on the cavity bottom.

Within seconds, the images are sent to our TensionCam cloud where unique algorithms are used for analyzing the patterns in the images. The reason is that patterns change dimensions and forms based on the level of bolt clamp load. All measured values are saved on our server, and pedagogically presented in trend diagrams for each individual bolt or nut.

During the installation, the TensionCam sensor document the initial position of the precision machined pattern.


During the service life, the sensor is reapplied to examine the clamp load development based on the current position of the precision machined pattern.

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