Total bolt clamp load control

Total bolt clamp load control

By being able to control the bolt clamp load in bolt joints, you can effectively minimize the risk of dangerous breakdowns, leaks, and human injuries. That is why TensionCam exists. Our patented solution enables a more stable and safer construction – by giving you total control over your bolt clamp load.

A cost-effective IoT based sensor concept and app

Favorably advanced technology, very easy to use.

Special-designed bolts and nuts with unique barcodes

Hardware that ensures correct installation and follow-up.

This is how TensionCam works:


Our sturdy bolts and nuts are specially designed with a cavity that contains a unique barcode in the form of a precision machined pattern.


During installation, the unique TensionCam sensor module measures the clamp load by being docked in the cavity of the bolt and nut, to capture images of the barcode.


This measuring procedure is repeated at every follow-up during service life. The reason is that the position of the barcode pattern changes, depending on the level of bolt clamp load.


Seconds later, all the calculated clamp load data is sent back to your TensionCam app. And in the TensionCam web portal, you will in addition find diagrams and a thorough analysis of your bolt joints current clamp load.


Based on the returned data, you also get recommendations on what actions to take.

The result is a safer and more stable construction

With TensionCam, you can effectively keep track of each bolt and nut, and ensure a safer and more economically smart construction – all thanks to total clamp load control. Read more about the TensionCam technology, our bolts, our nuts and how to avoid common clamp load misstakes.

Take control over your clamp load. Get in touch and we will help you!

This is TensionCam

  • A patented sensor concept that provides vital clamp load data, documentation, and information.
  • Specially designed bolts and nuts, available in M10 sizes and larger.
  • Easy to use for every operator, with a wide range of industry applications.
  • You will get new, important insights which will help improve your bolt installation quality!
  • Measurement precision +/- 5–7% of Full Scale.

We serve an important purpose

Correct bolt clamp load is critical everywhere. Therefore, we want to provide the industry with everything that is currently lacking when it comes to bolt clamp load control. This includes reliable and user-friendly measurement tools, bolts and nuts, and the measured TensionCam data. But also experienced support and insightful documentation. Therefore, we are a truly cost-effective one stop shop for both services, analysis, and hardware. Try us!