Bulten is now the majority owner of TensionCam

Bulten is now the majority owner of TensionCam

In 2020, we started a successful collaboration with Bulten AB, where they acquired 27% of our shares. And now, we are proud to say that Bulten has acquired an additional 36.5%. This makes Bulten the majority owner – with 63.5% of TensionCams shares.

What triggered this exciting development? If you ask Anders Nyström, CEO at Bulten, the reason is simple: During the past year, we have seen positive results from the pilot projects conducted using TensionCam’s sensor technology. Now is the time to begin the industrialization and commercialization of the product. It is completely in line with our strategy to broaden our offer with new, practically useful technology.

In short, they like what we do. TensionCam fits in with Bultens expansion strategy and on-going digitalization process. With our help, they can better reach their goals – and together, we can effectively create new business opportunities. Or as Emmy Pavlovic, SVP Technology and Innovation at Bulten, puts it:

TensionCam has a very interesting product that is particularly suitable to be used for installation and monitoring of critical fastener applications, for example for larger pipe fittings or machines that are subjected to various types of stress. These are applications that we see as interesting and that can create new business opportunities for Bulten.

 We are happy to have Bulten onboard and look forward to sharing this exciting journey together!

For more information, please contact:

Jonas Nilsagård, CEO
+46 734 29 81 55
e-mail: jonas.nilsagard@tensioncam.com